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Railcar Cleaning – a self-sufficient trailer mounted solution

ENGraphted Engineering Solutions was approached to create a mobile railcar cleaning system.  The process is intended for rail-side cleaning of tanker cars.  The industry wanted a fast, safe, cost effective and environmentally friendly railcar cleaning system.

Guy worked with the company to develop the concept.  The system is compactly installed on a tractor trailer and includes pumping and separation technology.  The system produces necessary flowrate and pressures und utilizes spinner nozzles for the cleaning operation.  The objective is to minimize or eliminate the need to send people inside the tanker car under confined space permit and hazardous environment.  The system introduces water and cutter fluid under pressure through spinner nozzles that are fitted on the tanker hatches.  The mobile system is powered by an on-board generator and utilized minimal portable utilities if needed in some cleaning applications.


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