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With some 350 projects in our portfolio, and counting, ENGraphted Engineering Solutions solves simple and complex problems primarily for the industrial and municipal sectors.


 “When I look into a project, I envision a solution with practical hands‐on experience in design, detailing, fabrication, construction, as well as process operation. When system automation is needed, I develop the program logic and user interface with deep understanding of the process mechanics, its chemistry, the capability and limitations of the equipment and the engineering that went into the design, as well as from the standpoint of the operator that interfaces with the process day‐in, day‐out.”

If you have a concept, are considering a capital expansion, or are looking to add a member to your team
that is vision driven, and that can bring practical experience into a dialog, give Guy a call today.


Conceptual Development

  • Operational flowcharts

  • Numerical modeling

  • Drafting, from pencil sketches and illustrations to 3D CAD modeling

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Drafting and Documentation
  • 2D & 3D Drawings
  • Operating Manuals
  • Schemantics PFD and P&ID
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Controls & Automation
  • PLC Programming and System Integration
  • Data Acquisition  and SCADA Systems
  • User Interface including HMI, remote access
  • Instrumentation

“I have worked with teams in various capacities according to the need and financial ability of my clients. While I had the privilege of working on projects having little or no financial constraints, the vast majority of all projects are budget driven. I understand that. Before we get to work, I will listen to your needs, and we will devise a mutually aggregable working agreement. I can help think out the process or project and develop a solution, considering feasibility, layout, equipment, power use, process capacity and throughput, and operational aspects.

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