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Conceptual development of a process or operation is often best communicated using a flowchart.  Flowcharts are also used for training and sales as a visual explanation of an existing process, operation, and an entire facility.

Numerical modeling

Spreadsheets galore…  Sometimes it becomes appropriate and extremely useful to model a process or an operation numerically.  Calculating mass, flow, and heat balances can result in a realistic estimate of process feasibility.  A numerical model can be easily manipulated by changing input parameters while optimizing process conditions and predicting various parameters including cost.  Power and energy consumption is another aspect of numerical modeling.

Drafting, illustrations, and 3D modeling

ENGraphted Engineering Solutions has worked on projects that started in a breakfast meeting and a sketch of a napkin or the back of a receipt.  On some occasions a pencil sketch is fast and goes right to the point.   or illustration communicates a concept better than words or a detailed drawing.  We are not afraid of using a pencil, paper, and eraser to get a project off-the ground.

Numerica Modeling
Drafting, Illustrations, and 3D modelng
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