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Algae Harvester

This lake restoration solution is a transportable stainless‐steel skid designed to separate algae and nutrients from the lake water and return crystal clean oxygen rich water back to the lake. In collaboration with Ecosa, a leading technology expert, and with Aecom's Algae Group, Guy was the lead engineer on the project from concept to completion.

The harvester uses a patent pending Hydronucleation Flotation Technology that removes intact cellular algae and key nutrients (phosphorus and nitrogen) that fuel harmful algal blooms. The completed system comes self-sufficient in two skid sizes and process capabilities.  The process demonstrated successful results around the country and received much attention from regulators, government officials, water districts, as well as the media. The process was patented by Guy’s colleagues who reached out to Guy to provide the engineering and detailed development of the solution.  A detailed 3D model was developed, and an extensive set of fabrication drawings were produced.  Guy’s scope included structural analysis, fluid flow analysis, equipment specifications, and all aspects of process automation including data acquisition and reporting.

The harvester is controlled from a local touchscreen or remotely via PC and phone app. The harvester tracks incoming and outgoing water quality parameters and logs the analytical values as well as process conditions to local storage.  This remotely located system is equipped with cellular connectivity and data files are sent daily via email to designated recipients.


For a detailed review of the process and its history, refer to this in-depth case study.

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