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Algae Harvester

This lake restoration solution includes a transportable stainless‐steel skid designed to take problematic lake water, separate and recover harmful algae, and returns clarified and nutrient free water back to the lake. In collaboration with Ecosa, a leading technology expert, and with AECOM’s Algae Group, Guy was the lead engineer on the project from concept to completion.
This 1‐MGD harvester uses a patent pending Hydronucleation Flotation Technology that removes intact cellular algae and key nutrients (phosphorus and nitrogen) that fuel harmful algal blooms. The team successfully tested this groundbreaking technology in multiple states.

Guy’s role included mechanical design, electrical design, control strategy and related programing. The harvester is an automated process controlled from a local touchscreen with remote access capabilities via PC and phone app. The harvester monitors incoming and outgoing water quality parameters and logs the analytic values and process conditions. Log files are stored locally and reported daily to offsite destinations via automated emails.

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