BP Oil Spill Cleanup
Approximately one month after the BP disaster in the Gulf, we were contacted on the basis of our expertise in the field of oil reclamation. Within one week we were on site with project drawings; meeting with contractors. Within a month, the project was operational. This included site and concrete work, semi-permanent installation of frac tanks and process piping, skid mounted centrifuges, and the support of on-site utilities such as steam, water, treatment lab and chemicals. Two months later, the contracted amount of crude had been treated and separated to clean crude, clean water, and solids.
Emission Control
We designed an all-stainless-steel construction emission control unit to remove H2S from sewer gas at a rate of 5000-cfm and sound levels of 60-db. The unit has redundant blowers, is transportable, and is designed to operate in a residential area. The system uses a proprietary media for H2S remediation. Other emission control systems include tank vent and odor control applications.
Controls and Automation
Controls and Automation is an ever advancing field. A well-designed control system will implement smart control algorithms to incorporate automatic decision-making, as well as safety interlocks. For part of a plant control, automation, and data-logging system, we designed a system with multiple screens for different parts of the facility and different levels of details. The information is displayed on multiple PCs and field touch-screens at the facility, as well as remotel; and is installed in a hazardous (explosion-proof) area.
Filtration, Separation, and Recovery
Filter media vessels are designed for liquid flow. Granular media ranges from activated carbon, ion exchange resin, sand, greensand, anthracite, clays, and more; each designed for a specific remediation and filtration need. They are used for a mechanical filter, hydrocarbon adsorption, iron removal, water softening, or other exotic and specific contaminant removal. Working with leading corporations in this industry, we design and oversee fabrication of such vessels. Whether you need a single vessel or automated multiple-vessel system, we can assist you in specifying a system; designing a custom system; commissioning and troubleshooting.
Used Oil Recycling
We have worked with a leading recycler for over 15 years; developing unique and customized solutions for a variety of used oil waste streams -- lube oil, oily water, tank bottoms, oil filters, contaminated dirt and more. We have seen regulatory changes, new opportunities in the way of new streams, and the challenge of this business. We also understand the end-user needs of this industry.  We can assist you with plant layout, process innovations, facility management, regulatory compliance, training programs, troubleshooting, and maintenance programs.
Municipal Drinking Water
We worked on a municipal drinking water system project which is installed on the West Coast. The system is treating local well water for traces of hydrocarbons and nitrates. It includes six pressure vessels for activated carbon treatment and six ion exchange treatment vessels. Designed to meet extensive project specifications we worked for leading companies to design, specify, fabricate, and install the system and its components.
Industrial Wastewater Treatment
Our experience with wastewater treatment includes a complete cradle to grave spectrum. From raw water pre-treatment, to flocculation, to separation technologies, polishing, sludge processing, air stripping, and related contaminated air treatment. We installed a unique continuous cleaning gravity flow sandfilter that has been in trouble-free service over eight years.
Plant and Process Retrofitting
"How can 'this' be better utilized?" "Can we use 'it' for something else?" ENGraphted managed a project retrofitting a portion of a facility that was de-commissioned for quite some time. The location was sensitive, near a river, which interfaced with Coast Guard and Army Corps. The tanks and equipment had to be inspected, repaired; pumps and piping replaced or modified; re-using what could be re-used from the original installation.
New Facilities
Breaking new ground... from pilot operations, transfer stations, to full scale plant layouts. Concept to completion. Turnkey, or as a combined effort with your existing staff and contractors. Capability and flexibility is the key to mutual success.
Plant Expansions
ENGraphted provides conceptual design, real-estate utilization, environmental and regulatory considerations, layout and cost efficiencies. One project included site and foundation work, sub-grade environmental liner, containment dike, three 150,000 gallon storage tanks, access platforms, piping, valves, pumps, electrical and instrumentation. The expansion was integrated to the existing facility systems.